Ancient Alien Yeti Shamala Interdimensional Parallel

 Yeti shamala

Could the bones found at skeleton lake belong to pilgrims who are seeking shamala

and fill victim to the yeti although there have been numerous reported sightings of yeti's intervet 

no reliable physical proof of their existence has been successfully retrained 

in fact these mysterious banks are often reported as simply vanishing into the in 1951

the world famous mountaineer air chipped in a lot of physical biological beings 

but are some sort of interpretation 

Not supposed to enter certain areas isn't possible that both the yeti and the kingdom of shambala that it is said to protect are not only extraterrestrial 


but also interdimensional interdimensional might this explain why they remain so elusive church people like chocolate 

John Keeley almost others have drawn the conclusion but maybe we're not really dealing with extraterrestrials from outer space 

Parallel space

but ultra terrestrials were coming from parallel space

 That's exactly what masters of mysticism and experiences of the professor traditions have been taken for thousands of years

 even if a gateway leading into another dimension exists somewhere into that

 as ancient astronaut theorist suggested could it be a sign or extraterrestrials or perhaps ultra terrestrials are entering our world at 

and might it also be possible for us to enter the hair dear that the key to accessing this cosmic paradise may not lie in travel to a secret location into that but it mastering and ancient technique of the mind